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Digital Marketing Strategy for 2019

Dec 4th @11am-12.30pm EST (4pm-5:30pm UK time)

PLUS you'll also get 

Keyword Research Training

Driving More Traffic to Your Website

Improving your Marketing Tech Skills

Available now! - Value $69

Available now! - Value $69

Available now! - Value $69

All 4 courses worth $266

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Why is this course useful for your business?  

If you want to drive more traffic, get more sales, save time and build a better digital strategy these courses will be very valuable to you.

What will be covered?

The courses include:

  • Digital Strategy - We provide a digital strategy template and provide training on how to build a really effective strategy for the year ahead.
  • Driving traffic - We provide you with very practical training on driving more traffic to your website. You'll easily increase your traffic if you follow our tactics.
  • Keyword research - A very important part to driving traffic is good keyword research. We provide you with a step by step instructions on identifying the best keywords to use n your content to drive traffic.
  • Improving your marketing tech skills - This is an area that can't be avoided in marketing! We'll go through the type of tools you need to be using and provide technical tactics you can implement to see better results.

Who is this course for?  

Marketers and business owners who are looking for better results in their marketing in 2019. 

What level are the courses at?  

The courses are built to enhance the knowledge of digital marketers or business owners who feel they are not achieving the results they want from their efforts. They assume you have a good working knowledge of digital marketing, and so are not suitable for anyone totally new to this area. 


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Ian Cleary is founder of RazorSocial which is consideried one of the top digital marketing blogs globally (ranked in the 10 recently by INC).

Ian's site RazorSocial was generating over 1 million visitors a year mainly from Google and Social Media (no paid traffic) within the first 3 years of launching.

Ian has trained many businesses on how they can generate similar trafic. He also recently launched OutreachPlus which is an email outreach tool. He is applying the same traffic building tactics he uses with clients and is seeing great results.

Ian is known for delivering practical actionable advice so attending his training will give you a list of action items to implement.

Here is some more relevant information on Ian

  • Consulted with global brands such as Black & Decker and the British Council.
  • Became a lecturer for the prestigous Rutgers University running a content marketing course to mainly Fortune 500 brands.
  • Contributing author to "Digital Marketing Gowth Hacks" (available on Amazon). 

Ian Cleary Co-Founder & CEO of


I'm very confident that I can help you grow your traffic. If you can grow your traffic you can grow sales (if it's relevant traffic!)


"It's not often that you come across people in your life where you can say “wow, that person really made a difference” but that is exactly the case with Ian Cleary and RazorSocial. Working with Ian gives you access to his excellent knowledge of social media, content, customer focus, data analysis, tools and marketing all wrapped up with an incredible work ethic. " 

David Blundell Global Head of Social Media – British Council

"The online training I have done with RazorSocial so far has provided the most clear, concise direction and resources of just any training"

Julia Hendrickson Director of Growth at Seed Social Intelligence & Marketing solutions

"Your email spurred me to go over and go through the entire course (How to massively increase traffic with every blog post) in one sitting. I LOVED IT, and took away so much value!" 

Deborah Watson-Novacek Owner - Simply Social You

"Ian’s insights put him in a rare class of people who deliver more than expected"  

Jack Pierce Managing Partner and Co-Founder - myRhythm


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4 courses worth $266 reduced to: