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What is the future for collaboration and mobility of Early Career Researchers across Europe following the UK’s referendum vote to leave the EU and the triggering of Article 50 ?

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Monday, 15th May

1:00 PM London, 2:00 PM Central Europe

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Our Panel

SPEAKER: Professor Sir Martyn Poliakoff

Chemistry Research Professor, School of Chemistry, University Of Nottingham

SPEAKER: Dr Joanna Bagniewska

Teaching Fellow in Zoology and Ecology at the School of Biological Sciences

HOSTED BY: Bianka Stege 

Director Education & Society, EU Region British Council

Mobility and collaboration of professionals is the key to developing and sustaining cutting-edge and effective research and innovation in Europe.  

It is vital to enable researchers to work together on the large and complex global issues of the day – including health and environmental challenges – which require international and collaborative research efforts to try to find effective solutions. 

It is also important as mobility helps researchers, especially young researchers and those at an early stage of their career, to develop professionally, academically and personally by enabling them to acquire new skills and experiences, and become more effective researchers.

Following the UK’s referendum vote to leave the EU and the triggering of Article 50, what does this mean for collaboration and mobility in a post-Brexit environment?

In this webinar, we will chat to a panel of prominent researchers to explore the opportunities and challenges in this area and to discuss topics, such as: 

  • What are the priorities for mobility and collaboration across Europe? 
  • Which mechanisms have worked well in supporting collaboration and mobility across Europe? 
  • What opportunities might there be for the HE & Research sector through this process - either through change or greater collaboration (and with whom)? 
  • Should Early Career Researchers have special status and funding? 
  • What are the crucial areas of collaboration and work that we must not lose when the UK leaves the EU and how might we achieve this? 
  • How can we engage Early Career Researchers in the process of continued cooperation across Europe? 

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